A Lecture by Archaeologist Eugene Boesch

A Lecture by Archaeologist Eugene Boesch

A Lecture by Archaeologist Eugene Boesch

May 19, 2020

The video below is a lecture by Archaeologist, Eugene Boesch about the Native Americans that once inhabited the peninsula of College Point , as well as information on an excavation he did at the Wilkens property on 14th Avenue. This presentation is funded in part with public funds from the New York City Dept. of […]

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A concert by Mary Courtney of Morning Star

A Tribute to the Poppenhusen Institute

May 15, 2020

An inspirational musical performance by Mary Courtney of Morning Star. It is times such as these that we need to hear the beautiful angelic voice of Mary who will also be performing at our 9/11 Remembrance program on Sunday September 6th at 1:00 PM in the garden of the Institute. This performance is funded in […]

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Oktoberfest Poppenhusen Institute Landmark News April 2020

Landmark News

April 21, 2020

Hello from the historic, Poppenhusen Institute. We miss you and hope that you, your friends and family are safe and healthy and will remain that way.  Unfortunately, we have had to temporarily close our programs – since every decision we have made has been guided by our desire to keep all of our program participants, […]

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Historical Poppenhusen Institute Angle View

Census Trivia

April 17, 2020

Some trivia, yet interesting facts about College Point taken from the archives of the Poppenhusen Institute: The following is a partial list of some of the occupations appearing in the 1860 census, and the number of people per category. Notice the amount of cigar makers. A census is never complete. The next census in 1870 […]

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Karl Muszel- Volunteer, Member, Donor and Friend

Karl Muszel Tribute

April 13, 2020

Another Sad Farewell – Karl Muszel – Volunteer, Member, Donor and Friend By now everyone is likely aware of the passing of a very special person, Karl Muszel, who passed away last week due to the Corona Virus leaving behind many broken hearts and flowing tears. Here at the historic Poppenhusen Institute we were blessed […]

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Poppenhusen Institute 1868 Front Image

The Great Depression – 90 Years Ago by College Point Historian: Jim Haas

October 28, 2019

Ninety years ago, this week, the decade called the Roaring 20s came to an inglorious end, andthe worst stock market crash in U.S. history began. Here’s what was happening in College Point then, and in the years to come. It’s a little long. One week after “Black Tuesday”, a newly organized College Point Chamber of […]

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