Interactive Quiz

Welcome to the Poppenhusen Interactive Quiz. These questions where selected by the staff at the Poppenhusen institute to challenge your knowledge about the College Point area.

To try the quiz, simply check the radio buttons that you think represent the best answer and scroll to the bottom to hit the submit button (the one with the arrow) to see how well you did.

If you scored 10 from 10, your the quintessential College Pointer. Pat yourself on the back and take pride in your complete knowledge of the Village and penninsula.

If you score from 9-5 correct, you’ve still done well, but a visit to the Poppenhusen Institute is in order to refresh your knowledge of the particulars.

If you scored from 1-4 correct, run–don’t walk–to the Poppenhusen and sign up for a historical tour right away!

If you scored 0 correct, we suggest a week long vacation to the College Point, with daily tours of the institute & visits to all the local landmarks. Don’t worry though, we won’t let anyone know just how poorly you did.

To Play the quiz again, simply refresh the page in your browser. Good Luck!