Bob Lusk, Remembering a Longtime Volunteer and Friend of the Institute

Bob Lusk - In Memory

Over this past year there have been all too many endings- and now we have yet another one- Robert Lusk- Bob to us- and Bobby to his mother- passed away on April 26. This was way too soon for someone who we believe still had so much to share.

It was soon after a successful Supreme Court decision that prevented the sale and demolition of this NYC Landmark ,  that Bob and I crossed paths. 

Bob was aware of that victory,  and immediately offered to show  his plethora of old-time films and cartoons on Saturday afternoons at the Institute . He was so pleased  to be able to share those classics, his treasures , with the public.

Over the next three decades he enjoyed bringing laughter to the volunteers at the annual party by showing some rarely seen Laurel & Hardy films and other comedies. 

Additionally, the children in Poppenhusen’s afterschool program at PS 29  loved the classic cartoons Bob showed , including one from the 1930s of Porky Pig telling the importance of saying the “Pledge of Allegiance”. That may have been the only remaining copy of that cartoon.

Bob was thrilled to share these gems with old and young alike.- and the public was thrilled to view them.

Bob also spent many hours over the years transferring fragile 8 & 16 mm film,  first to video then to DVDS,  for longevity . Those included  Father Schumacher’s original film of the 1939 World’s Fair  and scenes around College Point the day after the 1938 Hurricane.

And there were not many Poppenhusen events where Bob was not present to lend a hand- but always quietly in the background .

His heart extended to all creatures great and small. He and his mother cared for numerous kitty cats inside and out over the years. The last one walked in the door- plopped down on Bob’s lap and in a quick moment had a new home.

Bob will be missed. He truly possessed a gentle and generous spirit, as do all of Poppenhusen’s wonderful volunteers. He was a humble soul with a caring heart.

We’re sorry that he never got to come home after his recent hospital stay. We had looked forward to working with him for many years to come.

A reminder to us all- Live each day to the fullest and remember to dance to the music.   

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