Leadership 100 Project

The following individuals and corporations have joined the Leadership 100 Project:

Charles Chiclacos
Aline & Henry Euler
The Euler Foundation
Richard Krauland
Lorraine Lohmann
Doris Rausch
Karen Staruch/K-Star
Scott Sutter
James Trent
Shiush & Hannah Wang Family Foundation
Sandra Wilson
S&L Aerospace
Uwe Koehn

What is the Leadership 100 Project?
This project is a fund-raising program designed to get the Poppenhusen Institute (PI) out of crisis management scenario. We are facing this situation due to major state and city funding cuts amounted to $100,000 per year since 2008.

The program’s goal is to find one hundred people and companies who will commit to a donatoin of $1,000 or more for each of the next five years. This will enable PI to get back on its feet and become financially stable once again.

Once the exterior is restored and the elevator is installed, we anticipate that rental income will increase to further assist in establishing financial stability. These capital projects are funded through city grants. We are grateful that the government is willing to invest in the future of this cherished New York City Landmark.

Won’t you do the same by joining our Leadership 100 program? Fill out the form below or download the pledge form here:
Leadership 100 Pledge Form 5-13-15

This can be emailed to [email protected] or sent to Poppenhusen Institute, PO Box 91, College Point, NY 11356, along with your check.

Thank you for your consideration.

Pledge Form

  • YES, I / We wish to support the Poppenhusen Institute by joining the Leadership One Hundred Program to help ensure financial security of the institute over the next five years. I/We know that by signing this pledge form I/we are signing a binding legal contract. I / We hereby commit to donate to the Poppenhusen Institute each year for five years as follows: