Census Trivia

Some trivia, yet interesting facts about College Point taken from the archives of the Poppenhusen Institute:

The following is a partial list of some of the occupations appearing in the 1860 census, and the number of people per category. Notice the amount of cigar makers. A census is never complete. The next census in 1870 would reflect the rapidly growing summer resorts, beer gardens and saloons that were being established at that time.

Baker-8 Farmer-15 Morter of Cheese-2

Blacksmith-6 Florist/Horticulturalist-3 Physician-2

Butcher-4 Gardener-9 Priest-1**

Carpenter-21 Gentleman-4 Saloon Keeper-2

Cigar Maker-12 Hotel Keeper-3 Tailor-27

Coachman-23 Laborer-300 Teacher-6

Comb Maker-38* Mason-11 Telegrapher-1

Cooper/Barrel Maker-2 Midwife-2 Undertaker-2

Factory Girl-18 Milkman-2 Washerwoman-8


*Conrad Poppenhusen was among that number

**This was Father Joseph Huber, First Pastor of St.Fidelis Church


The 2020 Census 

Although I’m aware that we have all been distracted by the coronavirus (and for good reason),I would still encourage everyone to complete this year’s census .

It makes a difference regarding funding for our area and representation in Washington DC. It takes less than 10 minutes online.

Thank You.

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