Landmark News – June 2020

Hello once again from the historic, Poppenhusen Institute. We miss you and hope that you, your friends and family are staying safe and healthy and will remain that way until we meet again.

Although our in-person programs are still on hold we are doing as much as we can either virtually or in a manner that protects our presenters as well as our audience members.

What is still going on?

Virtual Piano Lessons for 15 students. These have proven to work very nicely. And although the in-person classes usually stop for the summer- the virtual ones will be held in July and August so that the students can continue to progress . We hope to hold an  in-person recital in late Fall in the Grand hall which has Carnegie Hall like acoustics   Everyone will be welcome to attend .

An Earth Day Celebration- In celebration of Earth Day a special video, by ventriloquist, Jonathan Geffner was shown through YouTube. The importance of protecting the environment ,including right here in College Point , was the theme shared by Jonathan and his “friends.” At the end of the video his “friends” sent a shout out to Kat and Dr. James Cervino and the Coastal Preservation Network for their dedication to the preservation of MacNeil Park and the shoreline of College Point.

Earth Day Contest– After watching the video, children were invited to compose an essay on why protecting the Earth is important and what was their take-away from the video. 

The winner of the contest was Anthony Ng. The following are a few excerpts from his essay. The entire essay can be viewed separately on our website.

“If we do not take care of the Earth and protect it now, the Earth may soon not be able to take care of us. If we do not act now, it may be too late and the damage to the Earth may be irreversible.”…..”I am thankful that Mr. Geffner made this video for all our friends in College Point which was brought to us by the Poppenhusen Institute, because it showed how important it is for us all to cooperate to protect (the) Earth since we are all connected”

Anthony received a $25.00 Barnes & Noble gift card & the bio on Conrad Poppenhusen by James E. Haas.

Another Virtual Performance- A performance by Mary Courtney of Morning Star was viewed in May. For those of you who have heard Mary perform over the years know that she has a voice like an angel, a voice that can help to heal a broken or troubled spirit. This half hour performance can still be viewed on YouTube. Type in “ A Tribute to Poppenhusen Institute” by Mary Courtney and enjoy!

Mary Courtney

Poppenhusen Perseverance Award– For the last thirty years we have been presenting this award to students of  graduating classes of our local schools . The award is given to students who overcame some type of challenge in order to achieve their best grade. The Guidance counselors of each school make the selection.   In addition to a framed certificate the students receive a copy of The History of College Point by Dr. Robert Hecht or the bio on Conrad Poppenhusen by James E. Haas.

This year due to the Corona Virus only one school participated. This was St. Agnes. The recipient of this year’s Poppenhusen Perseverance Award is Christel Changeau- Congratulations Christel! 

Memorial Day  Remembrance Performance-    This “shut-down” time has forced us to be highly creative.  We did not want to forget those who sacrificed their all for the many  freedoms we enjoy today . In order to hold a patriotic performance at which we could still protect the performers as well as the audience we had to improvise. We rented a vintage trolley to escort the director of the Institute and three members of “Musical Staff”, a brass band throughout the neighborhood. ( Everyone wore masks and were socially distant from each other. )

With the assistance of VFW Post 885 we prearranged to make stops outside the homes of numerous  veterans in College Point and Whitestone. At each stop the veterans came to their door and the band would start to play God Bless America, their particular division of the armed forces song, other requested songs and of course taps. The final stops were outside the VFW post and the firehouse.

We were honored to be able to  remember our heroes in some small way.

Also, each year on the morning of the Memorial Day parade – members of the VFW & the American Legion post , the girl scouts and other volunteers march throughout College Point placing wreaths at the Churches, the Library, the Firehouse and Poppenhusen Monument. Mitch Gold also joins the group to play taps at the end of the ceremony at each stop.

This year that event was still held , although the Girl Scouts were unable to participate due to Co-Vid.  And this year we were thrilled to have the Institute be included as one of the stops that the group made.  We have been told that this stop will be made every year in the future. 

Thank you!                        

Articles on the History of College Point will continue to be posted (although not as often as we had planned ) on the Poppenhusen Facebook page and on our website, which is We can also email articles directly to you- just let us know. Jim Haas of course is also assisting with this.

Saturday June 27th 11:00 Am- 2:00 Pm – A Traveling Multi-Cultural Performance  

Korean Drummers, Tahitian Dancers , and other performers will be transported throughout the community aboard the vintage trolley making numerous stops along the way. This is in lieu of the Multi- Cultural program the Institute holds each year at Mac Neil park. So, keep an eye ( and ear) out for us.

Historic Tour of College Point Aboard a Vintage Trolley- Friday June 19th at 11:00 Am.-

 Social Distancing will still be practiced on the trolley. Participants will occupy every other seat; therefore, space is limited – so reserve your seat early. We will confirm by June 12th if we are able to go ahead with the tour.

Looking Ahead to When We are Together Once Again                    

Summer Concerts– as of now according, to NYC guidelines, no large social gatherings will be permitted in the summer. Therefore, no concerts have been scheduled. However, if this directive changes, we will think about scheduling a concert in August.

Sunday September 6th –  1:00 Pm 9/11 Remembrance Concert with the angelic voice of Mary Courtney and the music of Morning Star. This program will be held in the garden of the Institute- we will ensure that social distancing will be maintained. Masks will be required. 

Saturday, September 12th from 1:00-6:00Pm- Fall Festival and Celebration of Life event (formerly Oktoberfest)- will include German dancers and a new German musical group. The Austrian Boys, as well as Twin Gold since they will not be able to perform here in the summer, also lots of delicious food and beer and much more. (This will likely be our first large gathering since reopening.) Save the Date. Details to follow.

Oktoberfest Poppenhusen Institute Landmark News April 2020

Wheels Across the Boroughs”- the tours that were scheduled for April 2020 will be rescheduled for the Spring of 2021 . Those included a trip to the 1837 Seguine Mansion on Staten Island and a visit to St. John the Divine Cathedral and Grant’s tomb. The Tenement Museum trip will be rescheduled for the Spring of 2021. Details to follow

In the meantime your support is needed more than ever to assure that this 152 year old community treasure will be able to withstand this current challenge and will be able to throw open wide its doors to welcome all our friends back in to enjoy concerts, music lessons, tours of the facility , community meetings such as the College Point Civic Association and others.

Conrad Poppenhusen Association is a 501(3)c , and believed to be the oldest still operating non-profit in Queens.

The $2.2 Trillion Cares Act passed last month allows for an” “above -the line- “deduction of up to $300.00 for donations to any not-for-profit organization in 2020. This deduction is only available if you take the standard deduction on your tax return. 

Donations can be made through our website,, or can be sent to Poppenhusen Institute PO Box 91 College Point NY, 11356

Gifts of any amount are needed and will be appreciated. 

Contact us at [email protected] or 718-358-0067

Poppenhusen Institute   PO Box 91 College Point New York 11356

Stay Safe- Healthy and Hope-Filled and Count Each and Every Day as Precious

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