Karate ProgramPrograms Offered Include:

  • Karate for Children and Adults
  • Group Guitar Lessons
  • Group Piano Lessons
  • A resident theatre company, E. Phoenix Idealis
  • Lectures and Slide Presentations
  • Special winter & spring break workshops for kids
  • Stress workshops
  • Summer Concerts at the Institute and McNeil Park
  • Children’s Performances and Workshops
  • Historic Exhibits
  • School and Public Tours
  • Hall Rentals and Garden Rental
  • AA meetings Wednesdays Noon–1:00pm (Closed Meetings)

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Programs run based on enrollment. Availabily is limited in some cases due to popularity of the course. Early registration for any course is recommended

Payment for courses are required prior to the first class.

Do you have an idea for a course or program? Contact either Susann Brustmann or Faye Graham and we’ll discuss your idea.

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