The Grand Auditorium

The Grand Auditorium is available for parties, weddings, Sweet 16s, Retirements, business presentations etc.
Rental fee:

$2,800- Heating Season

$2,300- Non-heating Season

Separate Rates for Holiday Use Damage Deposit: $450 Cleaning Deposit: $100

The Grand Auditorium
Ballroom PaintingHanging on the wall, behind the stage of the ballroom is a large oil painting done by Friedrich Spangenberg with a large allegorical figure of Union leading the American people.

The First Free Kindergarten Room
America’s First Free Kindergarten Room is also available. Rental fee: $750 (April-September), $850 (October-March), Damage Deposit: $250 Cleaning Deposit: $100 Add tree-shaded yard for: $100

First Free Kindergarten
The Keyboard Room
The Keyboard Room is available as well. Rental Fee: $750 (April-September), $850 (October-March) With yard $850                                                                                                                                                    Damage Deposit: $250 Cleaning Deposit: $100

Keyboard Room


Rooms are also available for business conferences, lectures, presentations, and more. Call for more information: (718 ) 358-0067.

Additional Information
Rentals which include events which have a bar must provide proof of an insurance rider to cover liability. Deposits and rental fees must be paid in full, 10 days prior to the event.